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“Italian-born designer, Veni Infantino has developed a unique signature style creating beautiful dresses, using modern materials and soft shapes.  Veni’s signature style is elegant, stylish, feminine and timeless.  The Ronald Joyce and Victoria Jane collections are designed to embrace a wide selection of tastes including dramatic detail, structured tailoring and exquisite embellishments.  With a combination of classic desgns and modern fashion innovations, the Ronald Joyce collection provides brides with a luxurious and diverse selection of styles that are unique in the market”

Ronald Joyce 2014-2015

Ronald Joyce 2014/2015


Complete your bridal look with a headpiece – perfect alternative to a veil. Fall in love with wedding headpieces and adorn your bridal style with grace.


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So many shapes, colours, different rocks… All sooo beautiful! Which one is your favourite?


Wedding planned for December..? Loving Christmas..? Combine the two and have a wonderful Christmas themed wedding! 


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After dozens of collections, Pepe Botella has found a place for itself in the avant-garde of bridal fashion, taking the firm’s designs far beyond Spanish borders. Europe, Latin, Asian and North America’s leading countries are now able to enjoy the elegance, talent and creativity of the freshest, most innovative fashion firm in the market.

Check out the White Over White 2014 Collection. Absolutely gorgeous!

Whole collection to be seen in our catalogue: http://bridalcat.com/Pepe-Botella,White-Over-White,367,893.html


Choosing wedding dress is a massive deal for all of us.  And now imagine the eyes of the world were on you, judging your gown…no pressure eh?! :) Here are some spectacular celeb choices, from classic to avant garde.


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Designed to enhance and flatter the larger bride so she can look and feel fabulous on her wedding day!


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Jewelery is the icing on the cake of your bridal outfit! No bride would feel complete without it!

When choosing your wedding jewelery it is important to take into account many factors. Not only do you want to look gorgeous and feel glamorous, your wedding jewellery should be complementary to your bridal gown and the style and feel of your wedding celebrations.

Browse our selection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces to add sparkle to your special day.


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Don’t let the back of your gown be an afterthought—from barely-there lace to head-turning backless styles, these are the sexiest looks!

Most brides tend to choose their wedding dresses based on how they look when standing directly in front of a mirror, but the back of the dress is what guests will see during the ceremony, so it is a perfect opportunity to show off a sexy back and gorgeous details!

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Carolina Herrera once said: “A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality and style of the bride” Would you agree with that? Take a look at her Spring 2014 collection. Would any of these dresses reflect on your personality and style?